Daydreaming pressed against a fence

July 14 - Sept 11, 2023

5538 Santa Monica Blvd

Harkawik is thrilled to inaugurate our new Melrose Hill location with Daydreaming pressed against a fence, a group exhibition focused on translation, reconstitution and reimagination as it relates to the creative process, opening Friday, July 14. Artists frequently re-make works, beginning in one medium and moving to another, creating process-oriented constructions and responding to their peculiarly handmade qualities, or taking already-made artworks and using them as baseline, found object or raw material—adding, removing, rebuilding them in different ways. To bring an artwork into the world is to create a language, and as artists evolve their practice, they are always in dialogue with the muscle-memory of their own creations. Daydreaming pressed against a fence highlights and elaborates on this specific trajectory, showcasing new works created out of existing ones, in response to previous investigations, or with this “studio feedback loop" in mind. Each of our represented artists has contributed one work, along with a few friends as we look to the next chapter in Los Angeles.