Peter Harkawik
Owner & Director
Will Sacks
Director, LA
Max Popov
Toniann Fernandez
Writer at Large
Aidan Weider
Gallery Assistant, NY
Bella Moore
Harkawik (formerly Real Pain) began as the curatorial project of artist and dealer Peter Harkawik. Following a series of large survey exhibitions (Touchy Feely, 2011, Made in Space, 2013, Walk Artisanal, 2016), the gallery was founded in 2018 in Mid City, Los Angeles. Our New York gallery, located on Orchard Street on the Lower East Side, opened in late 2020. Harkawik works with artists to foster creative development, building exhibitions of lasting significance through a collaborative approach that closely mirrors studio practice. We are a proud member of NADA and Gallery Platform Los Angeles. We do not accept or review unsolicited submissions, nor do we rent out any of our spaces for events.