Jacques Louis Vidal: Boybrain

Feb 1 - Mar 21, 2020

1819 3rd Ave


First Domino


Walking down the road coming upon something useful and I used it, because there isn’t nothing in the world, and hang on to friends until the end of the friendship and then find free-dumb all alone in the even lights. Let’s celebrate for all people because we thought an automatic thought in a distraction filled realm and it was better than the thought about thought.

We only ever trusted love and grow something here from scratch in chaos, and accomplish a list of things that embrace a lack of evolution, and connect these things into the main middle part of the journey, which is about caring and cultivating for the over supported object/ideal and deliberately broken thing/feeling.

We did embark the luxurious creation of a mindset, the forced construction, and sometimes, yes, the forceful breaking down of what must. It stays that way for an impossible amount of time until next comes a new challenge (which is) overcoming it all with some help from a few old friends who know me best, and that’s all I know is what knows me, firstly.

And finally towards the end of the road a chance to look back, and connect it all again which is done...

And even interrupt errors and make my point correctly, there is one right way to build something, and maybe two also, I tried to be a teacher and ask questions and if you didn’t learn I fail.

The job is and always was to keep it safe, and that’s an unnatural situation, to keep these ideas together. So we overbuild the foundation

Together, we overbuild the skeleton

Together, we overbuild the skin

Together, braced all the angles together Together, we stand back with pride TOGETHER.

Law Enforcement and how it applies to your unlimited potential

And tried to be gentle and to have no impact and was successful and grew into the exact shape of the surrounding quite well without any air bubbles pretty sure.

Gone down this independent road going it alone.

Make an idea that allows an escape from an end, and ezcape the realm, and get out of the zone, and all the while alone, and glad. never underestimate a boy.

-so we’re gonna have-

Over supported object/ideal - Deliberately broken thing/feeling in the two categories of action mentioned already (look it up)

I-ma gonna set up the jamboree so that it (the room) will not fall over, this is of course. I-ma gonna overbuild the room on the outside, but putting in little braces, to make sure the room DONT MOVE

I-ma gonna plan out some fake flat floor planters for my fake plastic trees (ala radiohead) I-ma gonna make sure everything will grow at the same pace - of course slowly - but as you know relentlessly

Mindsets of his that need a really luxurious support system v emotions of his that stand on their own that must be destroyed———————he is him and him is his


these are here gonna be things that support - like legs - like foundation - like solid well built hard working shit bc SCAFFOLDING IS THE PROBLEM - the illusion of a simple solution for support that must ultimately be strong as heck on earth I-ve been in trouble before and I know what that is - and because I know what that is I also get what being in a state of grace is , period its intense to be here and inside of that grace, and while I’m here let me say it is alive and bright full of lights inside of this ice wall, welcome follow the rules.