Apple in the Dark

Feb 26 - Apr 3, 2022

30 Orchard St, Gallery 1 & 2


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What do you want more than anything?
I want to know everything.
More than anything?
How do you seek?
In the early morning, I watch the world rise. In the afternoon I squint against the sun to measure. As the twilight comes, I reflect.
And at night?
I rest.
With your eyes closed?
You close your eyes against the darkness that allows them to open the widest?
What can I see in darkness that I can not see in daylight?
Show me.
Where are you?
What is that? Touching me.
Yes, what is it?
Fibers, a web, I’m covered in–
Something’s forming. A reflection. It glows.
From behind your eyes
Comes heat. Like sunlight off of a mirror.
The warmth of a cheek
Touching mine, yes.
Like a bird.
Grab it.
By its petals.
Open wider.

—Toniann Fernandez

Apple in the Dark explores a notion of the body as boundless proliferation of a self-defined form, focusing on artists who propose an alternative modality for figuration, explore the abstract qualities of the figure, or otherwise distort, exaggerate or interrupt the figure to tell a non-objective truth. Here, “emotional figuration” or diffuse evocation of form emphasizes an intuitive sense of the body over the symbolic reality of the figure. A brush stroke becomes a tangle of hair that brings the neck into focus. The body’s shadow is the body. In this less objective approach, the line between subject and environment is blurred. The body hides in plain sight, integral to the environment, and the environment becomes the interior space that is a thin container for the miasma of thoughts and feelings that give rise to the self.