Ted Mineo

Born 1981 in New Orleans, LA

Lives and works in New York, NY

Born in 1981 in New Orleans, New York based artist Ted Mineo earned his BFA from Maryland Institute College of Art in 2002, and his MFA from Yale University in 2004. He has since exhibited across the United States and around the globe, with shows in Venice, Lisbon, Tehran, and Paris. Working across varied media, Mineo draws inspiration from the ever-increasing multitudes of derivative and disposable detritus that inundate our daily lives. In his work fragments of accessories, gadgets, and household items are melded together with organic matter, some of identifiable origin and much more completely unrecognizable. Through this incredibly thorough and realistically rendered collaging, Mineo produces uncanny and unsettling reimaginings of mundane objects, transforming the most familiar forms into something entirely alien.


Waiting Room

Feb 25 - Apr 2, 2023

Works on Paper on Fridges

Aug 12 - Sept 6, 2022

Selected Works


Master of Fine Arts
Yale University School Of Art, New Haven, CT
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, MD
Summer School of Art and Music
Yale University, New Haven, CT


Stranger Things
Outpost Artists Resources, Ridgewood, NY
893 Bergen Street, Brooklyn, NY
Good Neighbor
Hedreen Gallery at Seattle University, WA
The Landscape Changes 30 Times
Anahita Gallery, Tehran, Iran
Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI
The Living Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Xenia, Seattle, WA
Sing’s Millennium Mart
Interstate Projects, Brooklyn, NY
Me Time
Laconia Gallery, Boston, MA
Imago Mundi
Fondazione Querini Stampalia, Venice, Italy
Women and Families (collaboration with RedBagel collective)
Prattsville Arts Center, NY
Kunsthalle Beacon, NY
Magic Pictures, Philadelphia, PA
Sunday Paintings For A Rainy Day
Field Projects, New York, NY
Group Exhibition, curated by Brian Faucette, Miles Huston and Jacques Louis Vidal
KnowMoreGames, Brooklyn, NY
Rolodex Art Project
Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia, PA
In Between the Sheets
Harlem Workspace, New York, NY
Royal/T. Los Angeles, CA
Personal Freedom
Portugal Arte 10, Lisbon, Portugal
Touché (with Colleen Asper)
APF LAB, presented by the Art Production Fund, New York, NY
The Salt Mine, curated by Meredith James and Jacques Louis Vidal
Primetime, Brooklyn, NY
Citty (with Adam Shecter)
Eyebeam Window Gallery, New York, NY
How The Spirit Comes To The Matter
Galerie Loevenbruck, Paris, France
First Taste
Arch Collective NYC, Brooklyn, NY
Half Priced Banners, curated by Colleen Asper
www.add-art.org, a project by Steve Lambert withsupport from Eyebeam and Rhizome, NY
The Open, organized by Dodie Kazanjian
Deitch Studios, Long Island City, NY
MTS Gallery, Anchorage, AK
Lucullan Feast
Gallery MC, New York, NY
The Golden Record : Sounds of Earth
g39 Gallery, Cardiff, UK
The Golden Record : Sounds of Earth
Lincoln The Collection at the Lincoln Museum, Lincolnshire, UK
I Can't Feel My Face
Royal/T, Los Angeles, CA
8 1/2 x 11/ A4
James Fuentes LLC, New York, NY
The Figure In the Carpet
Frederieke Taylor Gallery, New York, NY
Art Basel Miami Beach
Deitch Projects, New York, NY
The Golden Record : Sounds of Earth
Collective Gallery, Edinburgh, UK
Happy Sad
Deitch Projects, New York, NY
Ornament: Ho Hum All Ye Faithful
Bravin Lee Programs, New York, NY
Art Basel Miami Beach
Deitch Projects, New York, NY
The Food Show : The Hungry Eye
Chelsea Art Museum, New York, NY
Panic Room: Works from the Dakis Joannou Collection
Athens, Greece
The Art Parade
Deitch Projects, New York, NY
Works on Whatever
In collaboration with the Art Production Fund, New York, NY
The Armory Show
Deitch Projects, New York, NY
The Hedonistic Imperative
Deborah Colton Gallery, Houston, TX
Art Basel Miami Beach
Deitch Projects, New York, NY
The Art Parade
Deitch Projects, New York, NY
Idols Of Perversity
Bellwether Gallery, New York, NY
Delicate Demons and Heavenly Delights
5Be Gallery, New York, NY
The Hedonistic Imperative
Jack the Pelican Presents, New York, NY
Origins of Harold
Deitch Projects, New York, NY
Shazam! Contemporary Artists Influenced by Comics
Creative Alliance, Baltimore, MD
MFA Thesis Exhibition
Yale University, New Haven, CT
MFA Exhibition
Yale University, New Haven, CT
Ted Mineo: Paintings
John Fonda Gallery, Baltimore, MD
H. Lewis Gallery, Baltimore, MD


Pitch Artist Residency, New York, NY
Artists at Giverny Fellowship, Art Production Fund
Ellen Battel Stoekel Fellowship


El Gogo
Project by Steve Lambert with support from Eyebeam and Rhizome
Life Goes On
Curated by Colleen Asper and Ted Mineo, Parlour, New York, NY


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