Clayton Schiff: Domestic Scene

Feb 17 - Feb 20, 2022

Felix Los Angeles

Harkawik is pleased to announce our solo booth with painter Clayton Schiff for Felix Los Angeles at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. Schiff’s newest works explore domestic spaces perfectly matched to their environment. In “Visitor,” a pint-sized creature peeks out from behind a roll of toilet paper; in “Domestic Scene,” a similarly sized figure dozes on a book resting on a nightstand. “Another Morning” shows a scene of repose: light from a window precisely illuminates a sleeping being, shoulders slumped in a familiar balance of comfort and contortion. In “Little Friend,” the body is shown to be even more malleable: the elder figure’s face seems to be held together entirely by one index finger. Here, moments of humor and human frailty alike are offered as interconnected vignettes, situated against the backdrop of the Roosevelt.