Jack Jubb

Born 1993 in Oxford, UK

Lives and works in London, UK

Born in Oxford in 1993, Jack Jubb is an artist living and working in London. A 2015 graduate of Goldsmiths University, Jubb has exhibited in group shows in Toronto, Seoul, and throughout the United Kingdom, and has had recent solo shows in London and Berlin. Jubb creates ghostly airbrushed paintings deriving from a chaotic bricolage of digital images spanning a broad swathe of visual media. Through tandem practices of painting and research, Jubb examines notions of the Poor Image situated within the DNA of culture, the socio-political connotations surrounding resolution or fidelity of images, and essential questions of truth and falsehood surrounding memory in mass culture, whether experienced via gauzy nostalgia, fantasy, or the haunted sites of trauma.


Works on Paper on Fridges

Aug 12 - Sept 6, 2022


Bachelor Fine Art
Goldsmiths University, London, UK


Upcoming solo show
Carl Kostyal, London, UK
Viscous Cycle
The Residence Gallery, London, UK
Feeling Sentimental
DJ Berlin, Germany


Power Centre
Dau Lang Gallery, Seoul, South Korea
Cob Gallery, London UK
Guts Gallery/The Sunday Painter, London UK
Seventeen Gallery, London UK
The Future isn’t what it used to be
Moarain House, London UK
Des Nous Jours
Osnova Gallery, London UK
Gnosis Show
Daisy’s room, London, UK
Halcyon on and on
Franz Kaka, Toronto, Canada
Being Here
Kupfer Project, London, UK
Earthlings MMXXI
The Residence Gallery, London, UK