hooz: Living is Feeling, Breathing, Healing

July 8 - Aug 5, 2021

30 Orchard St, Gallery 2

hooz regards their practice as a mode of conjuring the knowledge of ancestors. This show opens a portal that invites wisdom into space. These objects are generated in an alternative reality then brought into an unstable Here and Now. hooz’s deities have arisen out of the artist’s comic-making, with new religions emerging as their practice gets closer and closer to the spirit of their forebears. The gallery functions as a space to come and make an offering, to pray and take a moment of silence while engaging with the immediate material confrontation. hooz leaves clues-as-tools in order for the viewer to have a deeper understanding of the world. A specific language proliferates, viewable to all, but understood by a select few.



Channeling the spirit
Calling on my guides

slowly, surely
Learn to trust in signs

Dissolving all that makes me one
Relax into oblivion     -obliterate the space

A safe and sacred world

Sow the seeds of Portals to this otherworld
- proceed with sacred steps!

Arm yourself with what you need to be held -to protect.

Soul beaming        -gleaming
Processing meaning.

Living is feeling!
-Breathing, healing