Dreamscapes of Los Angeles

authorGeoff Tuck
subjectGeoff Tuck
publisherInsert Blanc Press
size5.5 x 8.5 x .5 inches
Dreamscapes of Los Angeles is a compilation of writing from the Los Angeles art blog, Notes on Looking, which was founded in 2009 by artist and writer Geoff Tuck, and which over the years has published writing and image posts by Tuck and more than thirty other Los Angeles artists. Notes on Looking invites one to consider the art object, and to seek understanding from the moment of looking. The editorial position at Notes dispenses with much that is current in critical and academic writing about contemporary art and proposes a supportive stance - support that is informed by the rigors of close observation and inquiry. Notes on Looking is also fun, or it aims in that direction; the writers at Notes on Looking take pleasure in art and in ideas. At heart, Notes on Looking, and this current publication, Dreamscapes of Los Angeles are quirky, enthusiastic and humanist; the site was founded out of a desire for education, and to make manifest my belief that to have value, ideas must be shared. That writing also serves as a passionate and vocal advocate and booster for art, artists and art spaces in Los Angeles is simply the way things should be. If you're given a voice, use it for something good.